Hampshire County Council: The Argenti care technology partnership delivers exceptional results in Adult Social Care

Written by PA Consulting on 10 January 2019 in Sponsored Article
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PA Consulting shows how care technology, or 'telecare,' is radically transforming social care provision

Like all providers of adult care, Hampshire County Council faces the combination of significant cost pressures and rising demand. Of the county's total population, around 15,000 vulnerable adults have been assessed as having eligible care needs. The majority of this group are receiving services at home.

One of the responses to these challenges, which Hampshire County Council has adopted, is to radically rethink the role care technology (telecare) plays in both mainstream social care provision and within the wider care system.

Argenti, our innovative approach to providing technology-enabled care takes complete responsibility for the Council's care technology service, from driving referrals, through to assessments, installations, equipment provision and monitoring.

Five years into the partnership, over 10,000 people were receiving telecare as part of their mainstream care package. Most impressively, we’ve delivered a £9.8 million net saving for the Council.

These savings have not been at the expense of service quality. Ninety-eight per cent of service users would recommend Argenti telecare to others; 94 per cent tell us their care technology has increased their feelings of independence, safety and security. And nine out of ten social workers report that the Argenti solutions are "good" or "very good" at achieving care outcomes.

Argenti continues to provide the service to Hampshire and has since expanded the offering to the London Borough of Barnet and to the southern part of Essex County.

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