How the Public Sector is responding to change

Written by Vodafone on 19 March 2019 in Sponsored Article
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Vodafone gives insight on how digital innovations are inspiring change in every organisation – especially within the Public Sector

In this discussion, our Head of Major Business, Mick Wayman and former Head of Regional Business, Tony Bailey reveal how Public Sector services are changing in line with our increasingly digital world.

The 3 key movements

Within the Public Sector, services are:

- Investing in mobilisation to enable better working practices and employee/citizen experiences

- Replacing paper-based systems with digital alternatives to make day-to-day operations more effective

- Adopting new technologies to automate processes, improve connectivity and reduce costs

“These are all critical services that are actually important on a daily basis in our lives. It’s an exciting place to be.” Mick Wayman, Head of Major Business


The role we’re playing

We’re helping organisations deliver services in an increasingly digital way and using digital technology to manage vital resources, drive efficiencies and improve customer experience through use of smart solutions – and we’re proud to do so. Some examples of how we’re supporting them include:

- Transferring patients’ records from a paper document to a mobile device, so nurses can provide a more efficient Healthcare service

- Using the Internet of Things (IoT) to create a Wi-Fi cell for farmers out in the field, so they can access important information at all times.

Click here to read Vodafone's report The Future of Public Sector Connectivity, or here to watch the full discussion between Mick Wayman and Tony Bailey


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