The technology helping survivors of domestic abuse

Written by Vodafone on 28 January 2019 in Sponsored Article
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Vodafone shows how technology and connectivity are essential tools in an effort to support survivors of domestic violence and abuse

Figures from the World Health Organization estimate that a staggering one in three women worldwide has experienced some form of domestic violence at some point in their lives, with less than 40% of these survivors ever seeking help of any sort*.

And it’s not just a problem for women - in the UK alone, as many as one in six men suffers from domestic abuse in their lifetime**.

Technology is helping to support survivors of domestic violence and abuse, helping to reduce levels of fear and even saving lives. From mobile apps to covert panic alarms, technology can protect survivors while also providing information and support - not only to those affected, but also to friends and family who want to help.

Research from Hestia, a leading domestic abuse charity based in London, reveals that one third of people say they don’t know how to help a loved one experiencing domestic abuse.

When coupled with the low numbers of survivors seeking help, it’s clear that support and information are vital.

The BrightSky app - launched by the Vodafone Foundation in collaboration with Hestia earlier this year - features a short questionnaire that helps users identify different forms of abuse and provides a UK-wide directory of specialist support services.

One woman who experienced domestic violence explains the need for services of this kind: “From my experience there wasn’t very much information out there. I’m hoping that the app will help people to start speaking about domestic violence more and get the help that they need through the information that’s on the app.”

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