Understanding the needs of local government

Written by Vodafone on 30 April 2019 in Sponsored Article
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Local government is facing incredible pressure. Vodafone presents the 'local government insight guide', as well as practical tips for helping local government become more digital 

Local government is facing incredible pressure. Between exponential growth, expectations of service users and budget constraints, it’s a difficult time to manage public services.

The key to staying ahead is to think differently about delivery. Smart investment in business transformation means extracting as much value as possible from budgets while creating the biggest impact. This is made possible by partnering with an expert who can help match the needs of user groups and communities against cost, delivery options, outcomes and experience.

'The key to staying ahead is to think differently about delivery'

Five trends transforming local government

We know that when the world is more connected, information can be shared more quickly and accurately, meaning people can communicate from wherever they are. Devices can share information or trigger actions to solve issues by delivering services where and when they’re needed. They can also prevent problems before they arise, such as how frequently bins are collected, or when street lamps need to come on.

We’re seeing these trends in local government:

  • 1. Operations transformed by the ability to collaborate flexibly
  • 2. Increased mobility that connects councils with communities
  • 3. Connected, intelligent devices that automate essential tasks
  • 4. Digital services that reduce waste and boost efficiency
  • 5. Devices that enable services to improve sustainability and hit environmental targets

Read Vodafone's 'Local government insight guide' here, or their report on 'The future of public sector connectivity' here. 


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