Cabinet Office ‘commissioning academy’ plan

The Cabinet Office is to run a central academy to train civil servants and local government employees in commissioning and procurement, the department has told CSW.

By Civil Service World

12 Apr 2012

A spokesperson for the Cabinet Office said that “civil servants from all departments will be eligible for the academy” and that “initial places for the academy will be offered based on the recommendations of senior leaders from commissioning groups and organisations, rather than a simple first-come, first-served approach.”

“The academy will not just be about training – the concept is much wider and based on shared learning and development across the profession,” she added.

The Government Procurement Service is preparing for a formal announcement to be made in the summer.

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude has said that the academy will “bust myths prevalent across the public sector, such as that it is against EU law to talk to suppliers. In fact, any rational business would do this to get a clearer picture of what the market can offer.” He believes it will address the “need for capable, confident and courageous procurement people in the public sector.”


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