Union announces further G4S strikes at DWP

New strike dates include election day
DWP HQ. Photo: Adobe Stock

By Joseph Williams

25 Jun 2024

G4S security workers at the DWP will take further strike action, PCS has announced, including walkouts on the day of the election.

The strikes are primarily over grievances with pay, with G4S security workers feeling they deserve more than minimum wage for a job that puts their lives at risk, the union said. The workers also object to G4S outsourcing security workers at DWP jobcentres during the strikes.

The newly announced strike action dates, which PCS said around 200 members will take part in, are from the 4 July to 7 July, then the 15 July to 21 July, and from 29 July to 4 August.

A PCS spokesperson stated that these dates were selected to highlight that: “Outsourcing security services is a long-term issue for PCS members. It’s a function that used to be performed by civil servants. We’re hoping that action in the days following election will alert a new government to the chaos and exploitation of outsourcing. We would be keen to see a Labour government act on its commitment to insourcing in its first 100 days.”

Previously, around 200 workers went on strike for 7 days on 15 June, organising picket lines across the country alongside GMB union workers. In response the DWP were forced to shut multiple public offices, hindering normal services.

G4S have no recognition agreement with PCS. Instead pay offers are put to the GMB union. Despite this PCS have said: “PCS and GMB are working very closely together to coordinate action and make it as effective as possible. We have clear lines of regular communication on potential pay offers.”

G4S said this in response to the strikes: "Our dedicated security colleagues do a great job, sometimes in difficult circumstances.

"We urge the GMB to present our offer to our employees, which is both above minimum wage and inflation. We are keen to bring this dispute to an amicable conclusion.”

So far strike action by G4S workers at Jobcentres this year has stretched across six days in May and five so far in June. PCS believe that “membership is approaching 1,500 across both unions, having experienced recent surges in new members.”

This past week the striking workers set up picket lines across 12 locations, including Grimsby, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Sheffield and multiple London jobcentres.

According to PCS, the striking security workers are also supported by DWP staff who, “recognise the importance of the jobs their G4S colleagues do by putting their bodies on the line to keep jobcentres and other DWP workplaces safe”.


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