New payment-by-results project launched

Ten councils have signed up to a new payment-by-results scheme that rewards councils for helping ‘troubled families’ by sharing with them the savings created as the demands on social services, criminal justice and other services decline.

By Civil Service World

07 Apr 2012

Communities secretary Eric Pickles launched the project last month, building on the existing ‘Community Budget’ pilots – which have examined the way that different public agencies work with troubled families, and considered ways of tackling duplication and waste.

Under the three-year scheme, councils can earn up to £4,000 if they succeed either in tackling a family’s truancy, antisocial behaviour and youth offending, or in helping a family member move off benefits into work. Councils are expected to find the extra £6,000 that each intervention is expected to cost.
The ten councils, which include six cities, are those with the largest number of troubled families: more than 23,000 all told. They will be helped to identify target families under an information-sharing agreement between local authorities and JobCentre Plus.

The incentive fund has been provided by the communities, education, health, and work & pensions departments, the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice.


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