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4 July 2019

Analysis of improvement pledges under new public value framework also reveals concerns over participation of users in services and workforce capacity

1 July 2019

Following news of Olly Robbins' likely departure, Brexiteers must stop treating civil servants like parents turning up at your first Glastonbury and act with level-headedness

27 June 2019

Government chief commercial officer Gareth Rhys Williams has set out ambitious plans to improve contract management across government. He tells CSW what has been achieved in the first six months of a new accreditation scheme

26 June 2019

Select committees have a key duty to hold those who hold power to account. Former MP Huw Edwards looks at how they have changed in the 40 years since they were created, and what parliamentarians are looking for when they are taking evidence.

11 June 2019

The scale, constraints and pressure of Brexit have very few comparators – and the clock is ticking. Is it any wonder that the complexity of trying to deliver it is keeping civil servants up at night?

10 June 2019

As Theresa May’s time as prime minister comes to an end, Richard Johnstone asks Whitehall watchers to reflect on a tumultuous three years for officials

4 June 2019

In these unprecedented circumstances, we should ditch the convention of confidentiality around civil servants’ advice to ministers – for the good of us all, says the FDA general secretary

3 June 2019

As Tory hopefuls set out their stall for the role of PM, the civil service had better prepare for deckchair shuffling and another round of pointless departmental name changes

21 May 2019

Government must learn the lessons of its bruising parliamentary experiences if it is to deliver on its plans to leave the EU

13 May 2019

Civil servants have always worked under pressure, but Brexit has upped the level considerably. Sneering at departments helping staff deal with stress benefits no-one, says Andrew Greenway