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3 August 2018

Geraldine Clement explains how she harnessed her own humble beginnings to push for the civil service to do more to support staff from disadvantaged backgrounds

2 August 2018

England’s World Cup performances brought the nation together. It also provides lessons for implementing change in government, says former Number 10 Delivery Unit chief Sir Michael Barber

30 July 2018

Ross Duncan, of HM Passport Office, says the civil service should make the most of people with neurodiverse conditions as it prepares for an era of digital government and automation

26 July 2018

A range of organisations from across the public sector share their thoughts and experiences on commuters, creativity, and the pros and cons of ‘Manc humour’

24 July 2018

With no way to relieve the pressure of secrecy, a closed government is "fundamentally unsustainable, and guaranteed to fail", argues Andrew Greenway

23 July 2018

The prime minister’s approach to her Cabinet and Cabinet committees is, crudely, a premiership of two halves. The IfG’s Gavin Freeguard analyses her tactics

20 July 2018

After Windrush, is it time for some drastic changes at the Home Office? Whitehall expert Colin Talbot argues for a major re-organisation to tackle the long-standing problems at the department

19 July 2018

CIPFA's policy manager Alan Bermingham takes a look at what the OBR's report on fiscal sustainability tell us about long term government spending – and the picture isn't pretty

18 July 2018

The government has effectively told civil servants it values them less than other public sector workers, says Prospect’s deputy general secretary. This cannot go unchallenged

13 July 2018

Michelle Clement reviews a guide to digital transformation, written by the people who’ve been there and bought the T-shirt

12 July 2018

It might not yet top the government’s priority list, but no one should underestimate the challenges of the next Spending Review

11 July 2018

The land of NHS founder Aneurin Bevan, Wales has seen a lot of changes since the health service was created 70 years ago. The Welsh Government’s top health official Andrew Goodall reflects on the enduring legacy of one of the nation’s favourite sons