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23 September 2019

The Next Steps programme represented a generation of reform from Thatcher to New Labour, driven by a desire to deliver services via executive agencies. Carole and Colin Talbot explore its chequered history

18 September 2019

Mallory Compton and Paul ’t Hart argue that knowing what went wrong in the past doesn’t always help governments get things right in the future

13 September 2019

Despite its relatively compact proportions, No. 10 Downing Street packs a hefty historical punch. Sue Cameron peruses the pages of researcher-in-residence Jack Brown’s new book

11 September 2019

The weeks ahead will likely be dominated by politics, not policy. Private offices should play a key role in helping officials understand what is driving ministers’ decisions, says Tim Durrant

30 August 2019

Dominic Cummings is sending signals out across government about how he plans to operate. But even the most high-profile special advisers have no real power – they only speak with the authority of their political bosses.

20 August 2019

The leak of the Cabinet Office’s Operation Yellowhammer contingency planning shows how much government is working on mitigating the risks it can predict from a no-deal Brexit. But the government cannot prepare for things it doesn’t know will happen

19 August 2019

Damascene conversions on civil service brilliance should be backed with proper recognition and reward, says Prospect deputy general secretary

13 August 2019

Policy think tanks have become important in the development of policy in a relatively short space of time. Colin Talbot and Carole Talbot ask if this a good thing

9 August 2019

Former civil servant Steve O'Neil takes a fresh look at the appliance of science at the heart of government

5 August 2019

John Manzoni highlights the progress being made on the use of data as an asset to counter fraud, and invites civil servants and all interested sectors to share and contribute to a government thought paper on how to do more

26 July 2019

In China, a bold approach to working with the private sector is having a huge impact which has put it at the forefront of digital government, says Joshua Chambers