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From the inside looking out: what life’s really like in DExEU

4 October 2017

Recent high-profile staff moves at the Department for Exiting the European Union have hit the headlines. Victoria Taylor, the FDA trade union’s national officer for DExEU and the Department for International Trade explains what is life is like on the inside of one of Whitehall’s most high-profile departments

Opinion: how academic blogs can help civil servants create evidence-based policy

2 October 2017

Recent years has seen a rise in the number of academic blogs that analyse government plans. How can they help make better policy?

Opinion: How the ONS is improving statistics to drive better policy

22 September 2017

A reform plan for national statistics is intended to improve the evidence available to policymakers. Iain Bell, the deputy national statistician for population and public policy statistics at the UK Statistics Authority, sets out how civil servants can help make this a reality.

Sir Leigh Lewis: So Whitehall's fighting back? Good – the civil service shouldn't be a whipping boy

19 September 2017

Former minister Francis Maude's attack on the civil service highlights what not to do if you want to improve government, argues former DWP permanent secretary Sir Leigh Lewis

BEIS will pay to know why staff are leaving? I claim my £80,000

13 September 2017

The recently merged department lacks strategic coherence and authentic leaders – civil servants won't take it any more

Julian McCrae: How to accelerate the professionalisation of Whitehall

11 September 2017

Moves to establish professions across government have made significant strides, but some functions are more advanced than others. Now is the time to quicken the reforms

Evolution not revolution: top tips for civil servants to prepare for GDPR

7 September 2017

New rules mean Whitehall departments will need to think about privacy implications and data protection issues right at the start of policy developments. Here’s how to get ready for the change

Dave Penman: Priti Patel’s pay attack on civil servants more dark arts than silly season

5 September 2017

Summer recess spurns all kinds of stories, but the international development secretary’s splash on ‘crazy’ Whitehall salaries was particularly cowardly

Hetan Shah: Lessons for Whitehall from the migration statistics fiasco

29 August 2017

The revelation that the number of students overstaying their visa is much lower than expected exposes the impact of bad data in policymaking. More must be done to address poor quality figures to ensure the government is not caught out again