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Not picking up the Slack: Whitehall instant messaging clampdown reveals lack of trust in civil servants

23 June 2017

Group chat services can make civil servants more efficient by reducing email overload. If government does not embrace them, it will lose out

Moral maze: how can civil servants find their way through ethical problems?

21 June 2017

For people working in government, getting on with the task at hand should not be a morality-free process, says Claire Foster-Gilbert

Brexit negotiations: exploring special status for Northern Ireland

20 June 2017

All sides in the Brexit talks want an early agreement on the status of Northern Ireland. At a time when the Northern Ireland Civil Service gets new interim head, what will that mean in practice? CIPFA's Alan Bermingham explores one possible solution to the unique challenges in this region

OPINION: From spad to good? After Timothy and Hill, now is the time to end government by fear and abuse

12 June 2017

The former DWP permanent secretary argues for a return to civility in the corridors of power, and offers his tips for preventing the ascendance of overmighty special advisers whose presence crushes open debate and discussion

Same difference? How the GDPR will differ from the DPA – and what public servants need to do now

9 June 2017

For a public sector only just beginning to adapt to the demands of digital data, the looming General Data Protection Regulation obligations could be alarming. Jane Roberts of Toplevel asks how the GDPR will differ from existing legislation

Opinion: How to run a constitutional convention

6 June 2017

There is an increasing clamour for a constitutional convention in the UK to review devolution and design a post-Brexit blueprint. Alan Renwick and Robert Hazell set out the key features for such a review.

Policymaker turned gamekeeper: what happens when civil servants move into regulation

5 June 2017

Martin Stanley recalls his own shift into the world of watchdogs and introduces his new ‘Understanding Regulation’ website

Jane Dudman: Who needs experts? We all do

31 May 2017

Prime minister Theresa May can’t afford to shut herself off from good, impartial advice

Running to catch up? How the public and charity sectors are more similar than you think

25 May 2017

Dan Corry, former special adviser and head of the charity think tank NPC, argues that the public and charity sectors must learn from each other as they face joint challenges of capacity, governance and transformation

Environment researchers gagged during general election

23 May 2017

Over-zealous application of 'purdah' rules are having worrying consequences for environmental discussions, argues Bob Ward of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment