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24 October 2018

Trade unions may have lost their court challenge to the government’s pay guidance for civil servants, but the process has revealed details about the decision that was unknown before, says Prospect’s deputy general secretary

22 October 2018
The civil service is too reliant on generalists bluffing their way to the top. So how do we change that? Ask the bluffers, of course
19 October 2018

When the history of Brexit is written, it will be some of this country’s political leaders, not its civil service, that will be subject to the harshest scrutiny, says the former DWP perm sec

16 October 2018

The government faces tough choices on spending, and it’s time it involved the public in that discussion

11 October 2018

As the OneTeamGov LGBT* gender identity and sexual orientation event kicks off in Manchester, Jonathan Mills, executive team gender identity and sexual orientation champion at the Department for Work and Pensions, writes about why providing a space to bring LGBT communities together and share ideas.

5 October 2018

Norman Strauss recently argued in CSW that there was a need to create a new ministry for the opposition to help change the civil service and share its expertise more widely across society. In this response, Catherine Haddon, a senior fellow and resident historian at the Institute for Government, sets out why she thinks such a proposal is flawed

4 October 2018

The Northern Ireland Renewable Heat Incentive Inquiry shows what can happen when these values are undermined, writes the FDA chief

2 October 2018

HMRC has been at the forefront of the government’s smarter working agenda, and is attempting to change the culture across one of government’s biggest organisations. There are lessons for other departments in the progress so far, says Luke Heselwood

1 October 2018

Parliament’s important role of policymaking is not well understood by all civil servants. As its work on Brexit increases, it is time to change that

24 September 2018

The civil service has many skills but finds itself resistant to change. It needs to disseminate itself more widely across society – and a new ministry for the opposition could do it, according to Margaret Thatcher’s former policy advisor Norman Strauss

20 September 2018

The lack of consultation over civil service pay has meant that trade unions have had to turn to the law to get the government to the table. It shouldn’t be this way, says the head of the FDA