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19 June 2018

Government's national technology adviser discusses why getting digital reforms through the machinery of government may require some help from Jason Bourne

18 June 2018

As Theresa May announces a £20bn investment in the NHS, Bronwen Maddox calls for better planning to avoid the cycles of crisis and emergency funding in health

13 June 2018

Automation has squeezed out the creatives that used to harbour in administrative grades – but this tacit subsidy programme has arguably simply shifted to large firms

6 June 2018

Despite reports of its demise, the 1% cap on pay increases remains in place across the UK government civil service. As workers across the public sector, including the Scottish Government, get cap-busting awards, it is time for the limit to end for all public servants

5 June 2018

External evidence and expertise is crucial to good policy making – a new report from the Institute for Government sets out how Whitehall can use it better

4 June 2018

The Windrush scandal again shows the need for government to address departmental culture. Companies focused on customer service can help provide the answer

16 May 2018

Mental health first aid can save lives and support better mental wellbeing, but it’s not just a case of training staff and hoping for the best. Kath Cheer and Paul Horsman advise on building structures that help mental health first aiders to support their colleagues

15 May 2018

Amber Rudd’s decision to resign comes as no surprise, but the full picture of accountability for Windrush is much more complex

9 May 2018

Politicians work within a hierarchical system where they are arbiters of their own fate – but the hierarchy itself can provide a solution to the harassment problem