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5 April 2019

Two years since Article 50 was triggered – and longer since EU referendum campaigning hit its stride – the Brexit effect on both the civil service and parliament has been profound

27 March 2019

Lord Adonis's calls for permanent secretaries to resign are "an unwelcome reminder about the dearth of knowledge most politicians claim to have about the civil service"

18 March 2019

Whitehall’s top tier needs to drop the halo mentality if it is to practise what it preaches and become more reflective of the nation as a whole

11 March 2019

The unnamed civil servant setting out their Brexit views should resign to pursue their political ambitions in the open, says former Home Office and DWP perm sec

4 March 2019

Civil servants are rightly angry that MPs are getting almost double their pay increase after being told they cannot get any more because of affordability concerns, says Prospect’s Garry Graham

1 March 2019

If set up properly and honoured, pay review bodies deliver better results for officials. Now all we need is for ministers to stop ignoring their advice…

27 February 2019

Last year, Norman Strauss argued in CSW  for the creation of a new ministry for the opposition to drive change and support better policymaking, and Catherine Haddon, a senior fellow and resident historian at the Institute for Government,argued that while reform is needed, a new department isn't the way to go . Here, we continue the conversation with a Strauss’ reply to Haddon’s concerns

20 February 2019

The publication of the first first-hand research report from the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse has found violence, fear and vulnerability are widespread in young offender institutions and other government secure facilities. Principal researcher Rachel George says more work is needed to ensure safeguarding is everyone’s concern

19 February 2019

The era of top-down public service delivery is giving way to a grassroots enablement mindset – and at a time when the chance to radically rethink government is more urgent than it has been for years

14 February 2019

As Brexit swells the senior civil service ranks, the government will struggle to meet its goal of moving more officials out of London, says the Institute for Government’s Aron Cheung