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Brexit: learning the lessons from the EU referendum

18 April 2017

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee’s report on the lessons from the EU referendum raises a number of important issues that deserve further attention.

Submissions of authority: Does key civil service decision-making process work?

10 April 2017

Submissions to ministers are integral to how government works, but the system may not lead to the best decisions

Sue Cameron: Learning the lessons from Whitehall history

6 April 2017

 Attempts to boost officials’ understanding of history are laudable, but will they work?

Opinion: Speeding up Whitehall’s digital dashboard

4 April 2017

There are many gains from big data that could be had by government. As much as it can help Whitehall spot new patterns and anomalies, it will also help improve day to management

Reality bites: How will the European Union react to Article 50 trigger

3 April 2017

Now that the government has begun the Article 50 process, the Brexit honeymoon period will be over for Theresa May. Securing a deal which pleases everyone – or indeed anyone – will be virtually impossible

Northern Ireland: civil servants step into the void amid uncertainty over devolution

31 March 2017

The legal deadline for forming a new Northern Ireland Executive passed without agreement between the parties. This could have important political and legal consequences – and is uncomfortable for civil servants in the province

“Fairness and simplicity tend to be at odds” – reflections from the outgoing head of the Office of Tax Simplification

29 March 2017

After six years at the helm of this tiny Whitehall team, John Whiting is standing down. Here he shares his experiences of trying to simplify Britain’s fiendish tax system – and what he’s learnt in the process

Devolution: Has Whitehall really moved closer to town halls?

28 March 2017

In making bids for more powers, many councils have moved outside their comfort zone to craft plans that improve local services. Can the same be said of central government?

Garry Graham: Running down the civil service is no way to run Brexit

28 March 2017

Prospect union's deputy general secretary Garry Graham warns the UK will enter negotiations with "one hand tied behind its back" unless it addresses concerns over civil service capacity and workloads 

Transforming government procurement with a click

27 March 2017

The Crown Marketplace will allow departments to buy a host of goods and services online, streamlining the way that purchases are made

Northern Ireland: what happens now after power-sharing talks fail

27 March 2017

The political parties in Northern Ireland have failed to reach an agreement to form a new power-sharing Executive following the elections this month. The consequences could include the re-introduction of direct rule from Westminster

Social care funding: a crisis deferred?

23 March 2017

Expanding a government policy that allows people to use the value of their home to pay for social care without having to sell the property could unlock money at a time of growing demand