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2 October 2018

HMRC has been at the forefront of the government’s smarter working agenda, and is attempting to change the culture across one of government’s biggest organisations. There are lessons for other departments in the progress so far, says Luke Heselwood

1 October 2018

Parliament’s important role of policymaking is not well understood by all civil servants. As its work on Brexit increases, it is time to change that

24 September 2018

The civil service has many skills but finds itself resistant to change. It needs to disseminate itself more widely across society – and a new ministry for the opposition could do it, according to Margaret Thatcher’s former policy advisor Norman Strauss

20 September 2018

The lack of consultation over civil service pay has meant that trade unions have had to turn to the law to get the government to the table. It shouldn’t be this way, says the head of the FDA

17 September 2018

The civil service values two types of knowledge, writes former senior civil servant Andrew Greenway, and understanding of policy is trumped by the skill of navigating Whitehall itself

7 September 2018

Allegations against the former Scottish first minister have hit the headlines, but the Scottish Government has an independent process for dealing with sexual harassment complaints. The UK government needs the same, says FDA’s assistant general secretary Amy Leversidge

3 August 2018

Geraldine Clement explains how she harnessed her own humble beginnings to push for the civil service to do more to support staff from disadvantaged backgrounds

2 August 2018

England’s World Cup performances brought the nation together. It also provides lessons for implementing change in government, says former Number 10 Delivery Unit chief Sir Michael Barber

30 July 2018

Ross Duncan, of HM Passport Office, says the civil service should make the most of people with neurodiverse conditions as it prepares for an era of digital government and automation

26 July 2018

A range of organisations from across the public sector share their thoughts and experiences on commuters, creativity, and the pros and cons of ‘Manc humour’

24 July 2018

With no way to relieve the pressure of secrecy, a closed government is "fundamentally unsustainable, and guaranteed to fail", argues Andrew Greenway

23 July 2018

The prime minister’s approach to her Cabinet and Cabinet committees is, crudely, a premiership of two halves. The IfG’s Gavin Freeguard analyses her tactics