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6 February 2018

Brexit is creating a mammoth task for government. The new Brexit|Org|Gov Project is attempting to understand and track what needs to be done across the public sector ahead of leaving the EU

5 February 2018

Describing GDS as "well-meaning but increasingly peripheral", departments are starting to take back digital responsibilities. This is a mistake

5 February 2018

Comments by the prominent Brexiteer accusing Treasury officials of manipulating forecasts on the impact of leaving the EU reveal a man utterly unsuited to high office, says the former Department for Work and Pensions perm sec

30 January 2018

Tola Ayoola explains how a new scheme is harnessing a civil service tradition to support talent from all parts of the service

26 January 2018

A tale of integrity and talent triumphing in the corridors of power warms Sue Cameron’s heart

25 January 2018

These three resolutions will help civil servants prepare for the challenges and political uncertainty of 2018

23 January 2018

The lack of clarity on the future working rights for civil servants from EU countries will not be resolved by good intentions, says Prospect’s Sue Ferns. Action is needed now

19 January 2018

The coalition government beefed up the role of departmental non-executives, and have encouraged talented people into the posts. But many gave found the roles frustrating and there is room to strengthen their contribution

18 January 2018
Turbulent times require great leaders – but what does that mean for a modern civil service? Kit Collingwood-Richardson reflects on what she’s learned about leadership from the One Team Government movement
11 January 2018

The former DWP perm sec despairs at the speed of ministerial churn, but argues that there is a way to slow Westminster's revolving doors

11 January 2018

The prime minister’s reshuffle gave a number of policy areas increased prominence in the government landscape. But it is not clear what changing a department’s name will achieve

8 January 2018

A cabinet minister’s first day at their new department can set the tone for years to come. Andrew Greenway recalls those early encounters