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26 October 2017

A new book examines the myths about management in a way that could help many aspiring or experienced managers

25 October 2017

Government will need to think about more than salary and pension offers for the workers of the future if it is to remain an employer of choice

23 October 2017

Many public bodies are concerned about the impact Brexit could have on them, with possible funding changes, staffing issues and uncertainty over future standards. Susanna Smith of the Public Chairs’ Forum explains what they can do to reduce the risk.

17 October 2017

It is time for government to acknowledge why the desired outcomes for public services are not being delivered. But this will require challenging Whitehall’s survivors

12 October 2017

The PCS won a victory in getting the latest changes to civil service redundancy payments ruled unlawful. The government can’t ignore the views of unions again

10 October 2017

As government struggles to negotiate, legislate and implement Brexit, we need clear accountability. It is rime for DExEU to step up and take charge

4 October 2017

Recent high-profile staff moves at the Department for Exiting the European Union have hit the headlines. Victoria Taylor, the FDA trade union’s national officer for DExEU and the Department for International Trade explains what is life is like on the inside of one of Whitehall’s most high-profile departments

2 October 2017

Recent years has seen a rise in the number of academic blogs that analyse government plans. How can they help make better policy?

22 September 2017

A reform plan for national statistics is intended to improve the evidence available to policymakers. Iain Bell, the deputy national statistician for population and public policy statistics at the UK Statistics Authority, sets out how civil servants can help make this a reality.

19 September 2017

Former minister Francis Maude's attack on the civil service highlights what not to do if you want to improve government, argues former DWP permanent secretary Sir Leigh Lewis