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3 April 2018

It’s too early to say if shared services are coming of age or another false dawn. But I’d probably keep the champagne in the fridge for now

28 March 2018

A project aimed at measuring the legitimacy of government revealed some lessons for politicians and civil servants alike. Suzannah Brecknell considers how to improve the connection between the governing and governed

27 March 2018

Civil servants have a vital role in government so they must be honest enough to face up to their own fears and failings, says Claire Foster Gilbert

23 March 2018

Whitehall accountability is focused on blame and governed by convention – but improvements are possible

20 March 2018

How far are the massive changes brought on by Brexit accelerating the reversal of 1990s decentralisation, and will they usher in a more centralised machinery of government in the long term?

16 March 2018

The Treasury solicitor from 2006 to 2014 died on Monday 26 February. His successor at the Government Legal Department and the former cabinet secretary pay tribute to this exemplary civil servant and friend

13 March 2018

The UK Statistics Authority has updated its framework to ensure all public servants behave with integrity when handling data

12 March 2018

Officials continue to serve the public interest despite DExEU’s Mr Lover Lover and a dodgy double act in the Commons

28 February 2018

Jeremy Richardson explains how the British policy-making style has been steadily shifting away from governance and towards government, and why Brexit should usher in a return to the former

27 February 2018

Parliament’s senior learning projects officer Claire Bogue describes the work behind a recently launched Massive Open Online Course on select committees