By Vodafone

06 Aug 2019

The NHS is faced with caring for an ever-growing aging population. Vodafone believes technology can solve many of the problems.

The aging population is forcing a rethink of care – with a need to deliver more efficient services on a tighter budget.

Vodafone believe technology can solve many of these problems. That’s why we’re leading the way with innovation and support, and why over 60% of UK health organisations and 69% of emergency services already rely on us to help them deliver high-quality care at a lower cost*.

*Figures based on customer data from Enterprise Data Warehouse and ph Experian’s universe of business in the UK (September, 2016)

The trends driving change

Chronic conditions are on the rise, placing a huge strain on health services and making the costs of care unsustainable.

In this challenging environment, we’re using digital innovation to help healthcare organisations across the UK work more efficiently, and to:

Lower costs while maintaining quality and safety 

Target resources more effectively 

Access valuable capital locked up in estates 

Reduce preventable hospital admissions 

Join up care delivery across different organisations 

Free staff to spend more time with patients

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