By PA Consulting

05 May 2020

The NCA is carrying on with its vital work to combat serious and organised crime despite the COVID-19 outbreak. That’s after PA Consulting helped them plan for how to cope in exactly this kind of crisis

The NCA leads the UK’s fight against serious and organised crime like financial crime, drug smuggling, human trafficking and child exploitation. It operates round the clock. So it’s essential it can carry on functioning in an emergency, whether it’s a cyber-attack or IT crash, a fire or a pandemic like COVID-19. Also, partners like the police, government and international agencies must know they can count on the NCA in emergencies.

Several years of growth and restructuring left the agency needing a more formal approach to business continuity, and clear recovery plans that everyone understood across 130 teams.

Planning for a crisis

Our business resilience experts looked at the NCA’s threats, and its priorities if an emergency did strike. Then we came up with a plan to put business continuity at the forefront of people’s minds, and clarify everyone’s roles and responsibilities in a crisis, from the board down. The process included simulations to test how the agency reacts to unfolding crises like a no-deal Brexit.

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