By Civil Service World

19 Oct 2022

We delve into the complex issue of reducing reoffending and take a snapshot of today's civil service

This month's issue takes on the thorny issue of reducing reoffending: a challenge that an too often get caught in the web of organisational boundaries. We speak to officials working together through the Reducing Reoffending Board and finds out how they build common goals, line up their budgets – and why they still value their own departments.

We also crunch the numbers on who makes up today's civil service, and how the government workforce has changed in recent years. And as switch off looms for the UK’s 30-year-old customs IT platform, we investigate whether users' fears that issues with government internal systems could spell their own closure are becoming reality.

Elsewhere in the CSW October issue:

  • DCMS permanent secetary Sarah Healey looks back on digital policymaking through the decades
  • CSW's October 2022 issue coverOutgoing Whitehall & Industry Group chief exec and former MoD civil servant Simon Ancona – who has also held various senior Ministry of Defence roles reflects on memorable career moments, civil service reform, life on a warship and the blues harmonica
  • We dig into the data from the first annual CSW Trust Survey, which found two-thirds of officials struggle to find common ground with other government departments
  • Why it matters that Liz Truss has yet to commit to appointing an independent standards adviser

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