By Civil Service World

25 Apr 2022

Outgoing chief people officer Rupert McNeil reflects on his career and tells CSW what's next in this people-focused issue


In this month's issue, Rupert McNeil tells CSW why the times he’s been most stressed out during his years in government have been “inversely correlated to crises” – but admits there have been times he's thought “I’m too old for this sh*t.”

Rupert McNeil starts on CSW's April 2022 coverMeanwhile, the MoD’s first ever diversity and inclusion director tells us why she's no stranger to feeling like an outsider, and how that has driven her desire to hold departmental chiefs to account and make things better for other officials.

And in the final installment of our three-part series assessing progress on the Declaration on Government Reform, we look at whether the government has delivered on its commitments to empower its people – from moving 22,000 roles out of London to refreshing the apprenticeships strategy and overhauling SCS pay.

Elsewhere in this issue:

  • Gillian Hyde and Mark Powell ask: are civil servants too sceptical, or not sceptical enough?
  • Whitehall and Industry Group chief executive Simon Ancona offers a crash course on decoding the language of the boardroom
  • NS&I chief Ian Ackerley talks Covid turbulence, select committee grillings and transforming his organisation into a slick, 21st century operation

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