By Civil Service World

17 Mar 2022

Defence Equipment & Support chief exec Sir Simon Bollom on the "pinnacle" of his 40-year career and experts reflect on cyber threats in this month's Security & Policing focus


Hit your targets; be fiercely analytical; be a good judge of people. These are Sir Simon Bollom’s tips for good leadership, as the outgoing Defence Equipment & Support chief exec tells CSW this month. He has embraced these principles in the job he says has been the “pinnacle” of his 40-year career – but that has not been without challenges, including managing multi-billion-pound programmes and fending off criticism when delays have struck.

This month we bring you a focus on Security & Policing, with experts including Defence Select Committee chair Tobias Ellwood and information commissioner John Edwards weighing in on the cyber threats of the future. National policing chief scientific adviser Paul Taylor talks facial recognition and police dogs, and UK Defence and Security Exports chief Mark Goldsack reflects on the strengths and weaknesses of the country’s security and resilience sector.

Elsewhere in the issue, Antonia Williams and Leila Tavakoli reflect on the highs, lows, and lessons of delivering the award-winning – and life-saving – Vaccines Programme under intense pressure.

On other pages:

  • We get the lowdown on the new UK College of National Security
  • Welsh Government digital chiefs Harriet Green and Myra Hunt share their plans to drive innovation in public services
  • We assess progress against the commitments of the Declaration on Government Reform

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