By Civil Service World

14 Jun 2021

Alex Chisholm sets out civil service reform plans in exclusive interview

In the latest edition of Civil Service World, we speak to civil service chief operating officer Alex Chisholm about the government’s coronavirus response, and the next steps for civil service reform. Chisholm shares details of the next steps to change Whitehall as the government emerges from the pandemic, ranging for relocations to new outcome delivery plans.

We also take a look at another big reform in government – the Home Office’s work to learn the lessons of the Windrush scandal. We speak to the permanent secretary Matthew Rycroft and Race Action Programme head Hamid Motraghi about how to improve diversity and change the culture in such a high profile department.

Plus, we share the reflections of former civil servant Cee MacDonald, who left her job after being arrested for her environmental activism. Cee offers a personal view on the conflicts between her civil service role and her campaigning.

Read all these stories and more in this month’s edition of CSW, available for free via this link.

The abbreviation BAME was used in a pullquote on page 19 by CSW,  but both interviewees used the phrase Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic throughout the interview, in line with Home Office practice

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