By Civil Service World

26 Jun 2023

DSIT perm sec Sarah Munby tells all, while we ask: Can ChatGPT make civil servants' lives easier?


Can ChatGPT really make our lives easier? In the latest issue of Civil Service World, we asked a cross-section of officials to review the large language model as part of our exploration into what the next frontiers of AI might mean for government.  

We also meet inspiring civil servants from across government – from leaders like Sarah Munby (perm sec of the new Department for Science, Innovation and Technology) and Emily Miles (head of the Food Standards Agency) who are thinking deeply about how to build a civil service that works for the whole country, to policy and delivery professionals who are taking on complex challenges like building skills and tackling the cost of living crisis.

We speak to Mark Thompson, head of the Cabinet Office team which is helping to smooth over the digital potholes that make your life more frustrating, and Sue Hemming, former head of legal services in the Crown Prosecution Service, on what guided her through a challenging and fascinating career.  

Also in this issue:

  • Six things to consider before leaving your job, from ex-perm sec Una O’Brien
  • PACAC chair William Wragg shares what it’s really like to chair a select committee session
  • What is a second permanent secretary, and why are there so many of them now?
  • Everything you need to know about the knowledge and information management profession
  • Why parliament is struggling to fulfil its job of scrutinising policy and legislation
  • Andrew Greenway takes a deep dive into the history of civil service exams, and wonders what the future could hold

The front cover of CSW's summer 2023 issue. A smiling woman in businesswear and glasses leans against a stone wall, with the words "Sarah Munby" next to her in large text. The image is overlain with short subheadings, and CSW's logo in the top left cornerAnd our regular features: the latest top-level civil service career moves; directors tell us what they actually do; and we fill you in on the select committee and watchdog reports you might have missed.

Plus much more...

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