Cafe: Adobo

A burrito place that doesn’t have any beans: could anything be more frustrating‽ In fact, the only upside of eating at Adobo in Victoria is that I can utilise the trusty interrobang (‽) in CSW, winning a bet – and, consequently, the ability to eat lunch somewhere nicer next time around.

By CivilServiceWorld

20 Mar 2014

The sad truth is that I wouldn’t even have gone to Adobo if, tragically, the area’s best Mexican restaurant – Picante Mexican Grill – hadn’t closed its doors. Sorry if you hadn’t heard the news. Picante’s closure must be the only reason there was a tailing queue coming from Adobo – the area’s worst Mexican restaurant.

Let’s start from the top. The choices are limited, and kind of dull. Worse, the execution of these dishes is really poor. As with most burrito places, you queue up and get a little bit of something from each station – but in this case, ‘little’ is definitely the optimum word. The first person threw rice at the burrito as though he’d sneezed it; there were so few grains that I could have counted them.

Next, the beans fiasco: there were none. A small pile of soggy peppers was instead placed on my scattering of rice. Dry pork and limp lettuce followed, padding out the whole, disappointing concoction. Origami lessons might also be in order: the end product was merely clumped together and started to come apart as I munched it in the park, hunched over with the scraps dropping into a carrier bag.

Perhaps it’s best not to detain ourselves further. Instead, I’ll end on a cheerful note: let’s bring the interrobang back into literary fashion. As a combination of an exclamation mark and a question mark, there’s no finer way to make a point. Am I right‽

5 Artillery Row, London, SW1P 1RH,

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