Cameron meets security chiefs after Paris attack

The PM has met security chiefs after saying last night that Britain must “modernise” interception rules 


By Dods Group

12 Jan 2015

David Cameron has held talks with intelligence and security chiefs about the UK’s response to the deadly attacks in Paris last week.

The meeting was expected to consider whether Britain had in place the necessary measures to increase agencies’ chances of blocking a similar attack in the UK.

After the talks, Mr Cameron tweeted: “I've had a full briefing from security chiefs. We discussed ensuring the UK is properly protected from the terrorist threat.”

Speaking after attending a unity rally in the French capital yesterday, the prime minister said he would ensure that agencies had adequate access to communications data, if he was still in power after May’s election.

"We do need to modernise our rules about interception," he told ITV News.

"I think we cannot allow modern forms of communication to be exempt from the ability, in extremes with a warrant signed by the home secretary, to be exempt from being listened to," he said.

"That is my very clear view and if I am prime minister after the next election I will make sure we legislate accordingly."

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