DfE civil servant eliminated from Great British Bake Off after second week

Judges eject Sheffield based official Luke Thompson from the show following cake challenges


By Richard Johnstone

05 Sep 2018

Channel 4 screengrab

The Department for Education civil servant Luke Thompson has been eliminated from the Great British Bake Off show after its second week.

Thompson, who also works as a house music DJ in Sheffield, left after judges concluded his cakes were the poorest of the 11 contestants in the show, across three challenges. His cakes were a lemon and poppy seed traybake in the first signature challenge, and he baked a Gateau Vert in the show’s technical challenge. His white chocolate and raspberry cake in the show’s final showstopper melted in the heat of the kitchen and the sponge was judged to be too tough.


After leaving the show, he said that it “all started to go wrong from the first signature [cake] when they said my sponge was tough as old boots, and when I had to start the technical challenge all over again, that didn’t seem to get any better either,”

He added: “Even though it was just two weeks – it was an amazing two weeks. I was absolutely devastated to leave, there is no getting away from that. But on reflection now, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I have made 11 new friends for life as well.

“My best moment in the tent was definitely when I got through week one, what a relief. And of course the excitement of walking into the tent for the first time.”

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