National Crime agency head Lynne Owens gets damehood in New Year Honours

HMPPS chief and Scotland's chief scientific adviser also among civil servants recognised this year
Lynne Owens received a damehood. Photo: NCA

The director general of the National Crime Agency, Lynne Owens, has been awarded a damehood in the New Year Honours.

Owens is one of many civil servants recognised in the honours list last week, along with Northern Ireland Executive Department for Education permanent secretary Derek Baker and HM Prison and Probation Service chief executive Jo Farrar, who were both made Companions of the Order of the Bath – an honour that recognises public servants.

Mark Bowman, director general, international at the Treasury, was also named a CB, as was Kata Escott, strategy director at the Ministry of Defence.

Malini Nebhrajani, legal director at the Department for Health and Social Care Legal Advisers, Government Legal Department, Treasury director of financial services Gwyneth Nurse and Department for Work and Pensions digital director Kenneth Robertson also got the public-service gong.

Owens said she was "touched and humbled" by her accolade.

Outside the civil service, Robert Chote, chair of the Office for Budget Responsibility, while Wendy Williams, the former police watchdog who the Windrush lessons-learned review, was made a CBE.

Sheila Rowan, Scotland's chief scientific adviser, was among the civil servants named a CBE this year for services to science. Rowan, who is also director of the University of Glasgow's Institute for Gravitational Research, has played a critical role in the UK and Scottish Government responses to the coronavirus crisis, along with other government scientists and officials.

The National Probation Service's chief probation officer, Sonia Flynn, was also named a CBE, along with Simon York, director of HM Revenue and Custom's Fraud Investigation Service and Lucy Bird, director of transport security, resilience and response at the Department for Transport/

Other civil servants made CBEs this year include:

  • Paul Rimmer, lately deputy chief of defence intelligence, Ministry of Defence
  • Sean Holland, chief social work officer, Department of Health, Northern Ireland Executive
  • Preetha Ramachandran, group director, South East Universal Credit Operations, Department for Work and Pensions
  • Timothy Allen, prison group director, Manchester, Mersey and Cheshire, HMPPS
  • Dr Mina Golshan, deputy chief inspector, Office for Nuclear Regulation
  • Jane Guyett, senior independent cirector, UK Government Investments.
  • Mark Larmour, political director, Northern Ireland Office
  • Anthony Smith, deputy director, Ministry of Defence

Among the officials to be named an OBE this year were Hamid Motraghi, chair of the Civil Service Race Forum and former chair of the Home Office Race Network.

Also recognised for their services to diversity with OBEs were Itiola Durohaiye, diversity policy adviser at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; Sunita Singal, diversity and equality lead in DWP's National Employer and Partnership Team; and Alison Bailey Castellina, technical standards lead for heat networks in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Arpal Morzaria, attendance and wellbeing champion in HMRC's risk and intelligence service, received an OBE for services to staff wellbeing.

Several officials received OBEs recognising their roles in the response to Covid-19, including Courtney-Jayne Foley, project manager for PPE procurement at the Ministry of Defence, and Mark Sauterau, deputy director, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, for services to the food supply chain and the vulnerable, particularly during the coronavirus crisis.

Other civil servants made OBEs this year include:

  • Lorraine Canavan, head, payment operation, HMRC
  • Narmada De Silva, deputy director, strategic and cross-cutting policy group, HMRC 
  • Iain McNeill, deputy director, HMRC
  • Susan Jessica McVeigh, head, tax apprenticeship employer-provider, HMRC
  • George Royle, head of delivery, customs handling of import and export freight, HMRC
  • John Sleep senior officer, VAT technical consultant, HMRC
  • Michael Fell, head, cyber operations, HMRC
  • Matthew Abel, team leader, Ministry of Defence
  • Michael Beard, team leader, Ministry of Defence
  • Daniel Bishop, delivery manager, Type 31 Frigate Programme, Ministry of Defence
  • Charlie Chapple, head, social housing redress, Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government
  • Alice Fairbairn, team leader, Ministry of Defence
  • Richard Horton, team leader, Ministry of Defence
  • Nicola Newton,team leader, Ministry of Defence
  • Jon Parker, team leader, Ministry of Defence
  • Brian Roberts, finance Commissoner, Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government
  • Julie Coveney, team leader, Ministry of Defence
  • Mark Pilkington, combat systems engineer, Defence, Equipment and Support, Ministry of Defence
  • David Somerville,  team leader, Ministry of Defence
  • Andrew Beet, lately Police Staff, Office for Security and Counter Terrorism, Home Office
  • Philomena Creffield, lately head, UK Central Authority, Home Office
  • Philip Larkin, deputy head, Deputy Head, Special Cases Unit, Office for Security and Counter Terrorism, Home Office
  • Nicholas Morgan, section head, crime patterns, Crime and Policing Analysis Unit, Home Office
  • Rosalind Blundell, project manager, Digital, Data and Technology Team, Home Office
  • Anita Creech, regional manager, immigration enforcement international, Home Office
  • Gary Neeve, officer, Border Force, Home Office
  • Niraj Sharma, immigration liaison officer, immigration enforcement, Home Office
  • Geraldine Brereton, deputy director, Universal Credit operations, Department for Communities, Northern Ireland Executive
  • Matthew Davies, deputy director, trade agreements continuity programme, Department for International Trade
  • Karen Lee, director, One Service Group, North West England, Department for Work and Pensions
  • Dr Paul Van Heyningen, deputy director, net-zero electricity networks, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
  • Helen Whitehouse, deputy director, museums and cultural property, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

Civil servants made MBEs this year include:

  • Colin Billingsley, customer service lead, Work and Health North West, Department for Work and Pensions
  • Caroline Collender, homeless outreach worker, South London District, DWP
  • Lynda Colston, learning design manager, people and capability group, DWP
  • Gerard Connelly, team leader, apprenticeship team, people and capability group, DWP
  • Anne-Marie Douglas, work coach, work and health services, South London District, DWP
  • Steven Langley,  project delivery manager, digital group, DWP
  • Christopher Smith, facilities manager, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
  • Sunita Singal, diversity and equality lead, national employer and partnership ream, Department for Work and Pensions.

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