CSPS: Training up, pay down

The annual Civil Service People Survey (CSPS) shows increased satisfaction with training opportunities this year, but another fall in scores associated with pay and benefits.

Steve Fricker

By Suzannah.Brecknell

27 Nov 2013

Released on Monday, the CSPS shows a three-point increase in the scores for learning and development, up to 47%.

Satisfaction with training and development is now nearly back up at 2009 levels, when 50% answered positively.

The survey found that 61% of civil servants are “able to access the right learning and development opportunities when I need to,” up three points; 48% said learning and development opportunities they completed in the last 12 months have helped improve their performance, up two points; and 38% think there are opportunities in their organisation to develop their career, up three points.

The figures on pay and benefits show a continuing decline, down one point to 29%. Only 25% said that “compared to people doing a similar job in other organisations I feel my pay is reasonable.”

The survey also found that only 38% “think it is safe to challenge the way things are done” in their organisation, down two percentage points, and only 36% said “I have the opportunity to contribute my views before decisions are made that affect me” – unchanged since last year.

When asked whether civil servants “believe I would be supported if I try a new idea, even if it may not work,” 67% answered positively, up four percentage points from last year.

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