David Cameron 'wonders' whether Lib Dems behind Nicola Sturgeon civil service memo leak

Prime Minister David Cameron suggests memo on Nicola Sturgeon's contact with the French ambassador could have been leaked by coalition partners


By Josh May

08 Apr 2015

David Cameron has suggested he believes the Liberal Democrats are responsible for leaking the disputed memo about Nicola Sturgeon’s meeting with the French ambassador.

The cabinet secretary has launched an inquiry into how the document, which was written by the Scotland Office, came to be passed to the Daily Telegraph.

In an interview with the Independent, the prime minister was asked whether he suspected the Liberal Democrats, who head the department through scottish secretary Alistair Carmichael, of being involved.

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He replied: “I have heard very clearly David Mundell [Conservative Scotland Office Minister] saying it wasn't him, so one does wonder.”

The memo claimed that Sturgeon had said she would prefer Cameron to remain in charge after the election, and that she did not view Ed Miliband as “prime ministerial material”. The first minister has said the report was “100% false”.

The Independent reports that one of Carmichael’s senior aides is to be questioned as part of the leak inquiry.

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