MPs ask for Afghanistan review

The government should conduct a comprehensive review of its interventions in Afghanistan in 2001, the Commons’ Defence Committee said in a report on Tuesday. This should encompass not just military operations, but all the UK’s work under the NATO and UN missions.

By Joshua.Chambers

16 May 2014

Speaking on behalf of the committee, Dai Havard MP said: “After over 12 years of operations in Afghanistan, the British people quite rightly expect a thorough analysis. We need to examine whether the national decision-making, military command and governance arrangements for the campaign were appropriate, and what we need for future arrangements.”

The committee also said that the insurgency “remains a strong and persistent threat”, and called for a process of “reconciliation” with the Taliban.

Phillip Hammond, defence secretary, said: “We can be proud of the contribution British forces have made to ensuring that the country cannot be used as a base for international terrorists to attack us and our interests”. He added that the government “will want to look strategically across the campaign as a whole to see what longer term lessons need to be learned, once the mission is over.”

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