The Care Inspectorate: Introducing agile working to improve the complaints-handling process

PA Consulting on why an agile system for handling complaints means better care for employees and complainants alike
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By PA Consulting

06 Jul 2020

The Care Inspectorate is a scrutiny body which supports improvement. That means they look at the quality of care in Scotland to ensure it meets high standards. Where improvement is needed, they support services to make positive changes.

Using an agile approach, we’ve developed a new application for handling complaints which has reduced the time it takes to log complaints, and cut the time needed to produce reports. This will streamline the process for staff and it means complainants, whether they’re people receiving care, carers or care service employees, also get a better experience.

Key successes: 
  • developed a new application to support the increase in customer complaints
  • reduced the time it takes to log a complaint with the Care Inspectorate by over 75 per cent
  • enabled the Care Inspectorate to set a new target of handling 80 per cent of complaints in 40 days
  • the new application will save staff over 400 working days per year when logging and triaging complaints
Supporting social care work across Scotland

The Care Inspectorate’s work ranges from inspecting and assessing the quality of outcomes for people who live in care homes to registering child minders. It also includes investigating complaints and taking enforcement action.

The Care Inspectorate receives 50 per cent more complaints now than three years ago. But its ageing IT system was feeling the strain and urgently needed to be replaced. The Care Inspectorate asked us for help.

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