WATCH: Governments vs the virus – Prof Colin Talbot explores the global response to coronavirus

In the first of a new series exploring how governments across the world are responding to the covid-19 pandemic, Professor Colin Talbot talks to Clay Westcott, president of the International Public Managment Network, about the best way to make an impact with testing, and how the virus is affecting developing countries in unexpected ways


By Suzannah.Brecknell

08 Apr 2020

Colin Talbot is a professor of government at the University of Cambridge and Manchester. Over the coming days he will be talking to other experts from across the world to learn more about how public managers are responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Clay Westcott is a consultant with the World Bank's Independent Evaluation Group, and president of the International Public Management Network

You can watch all of Prof Talbot's interviews with experts from around the world here


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