By Suzannah.Brecknell

08 Apr 2020

How are public managers across the world responding to the Covid-19 pandemic? In a series of video interviews, Prof Colin Talbot speaks to senior officials, politicians and academics to explore different approaches and lessons that could be shared


How well prepared was Turkey for the coronavirus crisis?
 Professors Mete Yildiz and Zafer Sahin discuss how the Turkish government is responding to Covid-19, as it tries to “keep the economic wheels turning” despite the pandemic




Emily St Denny and Paul Cairney on the role of preventive policy making and the window of opportunity for change



Tom Levitt, former minister and MP on the importance of partnerships between government and businesses 



Clay Westcott: president, Public Management Network on the importance of early testing and pandemic's impact on developing countries


How have Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Prof Leighton Andrews (Wales), Prof Nicola McEwen (Scotland) and Quinton Oliver (NI) discuss the impact, and how relationships between London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast are working.


Ex-No.10 strategy chief recalls the crises that created the civil contingency secretariat

Prof Geoff Mulgan, former head of Tony Blair's Strategy Unit, talks to Colin Talbot about how the UK government put in place risk and resilience systems in the early 2000s – and what has gone wrong since. And how governments can improve things for the future.

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