By Vodafone

11 Jun 2019

Vodafone explains what Unified Communications (UC) is, why it's essential to any digital transformation strategy and how it could open up new opportunities within organisations 

Right now, the likeliness is that most organisations are going through a digital transformation. Each might have a unique approach to it, but the likeliness is they share the same end goal: to adopt the digital solutions that will improve their existing processes and change the way they deliver value to citizens.

A vital piece of the puzzle is Unified Communications (UC). It’ll make sure you reach your digital goals by keeping you connected to everything essential in your organisation's world, like your employees, outreach and network.

But what actually is UC? Think of your mobile and desk phones, email, instant messaging and video conferencing. With this technology, these no longer act as separate points of contact; they act as one. UC is the integration between all your communications, and has the power to change how you share information across your organisation. Sounds simple enough, right?

"UC is the integration between all your communications" 

Despite being used across the telecommunication industry, many other organisations still don’t fully understand UC or aren’t sure if it’s the right fit for them. This means they could be missing out on the technology that could make them a cut above the rest.

The ultimate connectivity

Alongside digital transformation, there’s been a huge change in where people choose to work. Gone are the days of office cubicles and rows upon rows of desks. Instead, open-plan offices, hot desking and more collaborative spaces have taken over, all in the hope of encouraging productivity and creativity. If employees aren’t making the most of this modern workplace, then they’re either working from home, on their commute or at one of the numerous coffee shops that now cater to the remote worker.

With more and more employees transitioning to this agile way of working, it’s never been more important for you to equip them with UC technology, which means they can be reached anytime, anywhere. For example, UC delivers the tools to keep your employees in touch with the organisation wherever they are. So, if they’re stuck on a train during their morning commute, they can still connect with the office and keep working. This means it can not only protect your employee’s productivity, but it can also make sure their processes aren’t delayed: a win-win for them and for your entire organisation.

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