By Civil Service World

24 Jan 2022

Featuring exclusive interviews with HMRC's second perm sec and Cop26's chief operating officer


More than 20,000 HMRC staff went into lockdown in March 2020 working in one office, and returned from lockdown to another. In CSW's January issue, second perm sec Angela MacDonald shares how the department's hubs programme is going, what it's like to be government's most visible perm sec outside London, and efforts to deal with furlough fraud.

CSW's Jan 2022 issue cover. Angela MacDonald, wearing a red top, against a grey backgroundThe issue includes a full Civil Service Awards supplement, with awards champion Shona Dunn sharing what set the winners apart in a strong field of nominations.

This month's news analysis looks back at a year of near-constant scandals and asks how government's standards system could change.

Elsewhere in the issue, Cop26 COO Wasim Mir gives an insider view on what it was like to organise "the most challenging summit anyone's ever held", and we look at what "moonshot" policy really looks like. 

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