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How is government managing its most innovative and high-risk projects? Plus, is wokery really a problem in the civil service?

By Civil Service World

27 Sep 2022

In this month's issue, we take a deep dive into the Government Major Projects Portfolio, exploring what government is doing to improve the way it runs its most innovative and high-risk projects. We look at the latest data on the GMPP and examine some case studies.

Elsewhere in the issue, Jess Bowie takes a personal look at the divisive and highly politicised topic of "wokery" in the civil service to uncover the real issues which lie behind it. Is it fair to say that diversity and inclusion roles in the civil service are a “job creation scheme by the woke for the woke”, or is the issue more nuanced than that?

And Clare Griffiths, head of the award-winning Covid-19 Dashboard team, takes CSW behind the scenes on one of the most high-profile stats projects of recent years.

Also in the September issue:

A screenshot of CSW's September 2022 issue, with "MAJOR LEAGUE" in all caps on a blue background

  • What a renewed collaboration agreement with its counterpart in Singapore means for the Government Digital Service
  • Crown Commercial Service CCS chief executive Simon Tse shares his lessons from the past year
  • The Institute for Government's Alex Thomas asks: will Truss take the opportunity to rebuild officials' trust?
  • Professor of productivity Bart van Ark on why public services need a strong strategic focus on productivity, not just adequate funding, to succeed

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