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Read exclusive interviews with Home Office perm sec Matthew Rycroft and first civil service commissioner Gisela Stuart – plus deep dives on the trade profession and chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance's legacy

By Civil Service World

21 Mar 2023


We go behind the scenes in the Home Office in Civil Service World's first-ever quarterly edition. Permanent secretary Sir Matthew Rycroft gives us the inside story on the Rwanda scheme, explaining why it's important for civil servants to provide "maximum challenge" to policies and then "maximum support" while delivering them. He also talks about Windrush, the department's extensive transformation programme, and why Home Office years are "like dog years".

First civil service commissioner Baroness Gisela Stuart tells us about the progress she's made a year on from her appointment, and shares her vision for innovative civil service recruitment – while former officials share why they left the civil service, and what would bring them back.

In this special security & policing issue, we interview Border Force director general Phil Douglas; we find out how an innovative partnership is helping the National Crime Agency keep children safe; and policing chief scientific adviser Paul Taylor sets out the new science and tech strategy for forces across the country.

Also in the spring issue:

  • Experts share how to build cyber resilience
  • We take a deep dive into the government trade profession
  • A look back at Sir Patrick Vallance's five years as chief scientific adviser
  • A civil servant's guide to using intelligence
  • Where Australia's Robodebt programme went wrong

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