By Vodafone

23 Jul 2019

Vodafone are behind an initiative in Johannesburg which sees some of the country's best teachers delivering lessons to students remotely - made possible by portable hardware 

Johannesburg - Vodacom and the Eastern Cape Department of Education have taken the digitalisation of education in the province a step further through the launch of the ‘Virtual Teacher’ platform in East London. 

This follows Vodacom’s Programme for Mobile Devices introduced in the province in early 2017 to promote the use of digital technology in Eastern Cape schools. Virtual Teacher is a new interactive technology platform which allows an individual teacher or lecturer to deliver lessons in real-time to multiple remote classrooms or locations simultaneously. 

Vuyani Jarana, Chief Officer at Vodacom Business, says: “Vodacom is working with the Eastern Cape Department of Education to address some of the challenges facing our education system, particularly in rural and underperforming schools.  “This is all about bringing innovative technology to those who need it most in order to improve learning outcomes for all education segments in our country. The future of the South African education system is digital and we must embrace the opportunities this offers to leapfrog infrastructural backlogs and legacy issues in our schools.”

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