Land Registry releases new data set

The Land Registry is making a data set that previously was paid-for available for free, as part of its open data programme, it has been announced today.

Institute for Government

By Winnie.Agbonlahor

28 Jun 2013

The dataset will allow users to access historical data on all residential sales in England and Wales.

The move will allow developers and businesses to use and reuse one of the world’s largest property datasets, comprising over 17 million residential cash and mortgage sales in England and Wales. The raw data was previously only available as a commercial product, often seen on property websites. It is also used to calculate Land Registry’s House Price Index.

Ed Lester, the Land Registry’s chief executive, said this is the first time the Land Registry is making available its complete historical set free of charge as open data. “We know that entrepreneurs and organisations use our data to support business decision making and develop innovative applications and services,” he said.

“However, with today’s price paid data release and our new open data challenge we hope more developers and SMEs will be encouraged to come up with some exciting ideas that will contribute to business innovation and economic growth.”

Nick Hurd, minister for Civil Society, also welcomed the news and urged people to take part in a government consultation on open data.

“I’m pleased to announce that the UK’s draft National Action Plan on open government is now open for consultation. I would encourage businesses, entrepreneurs, civil society organisations and members of the public to get involved in shaping the UK’s direction on open data and transparency," he said.

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