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New appointments in the civil service, UK politics, and public affairs, via our colleagues at Dods People

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19 Apr 2021

Government departments

  • Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport: Historic England – Laurie Magnus reappointed as chair. S4C – Chris Jones, Adele Gritten, Guto Bebb and Denise Poulton appointed as board members.
  • Cabinet Office: Security Vetting Appeals Panel– James Barron, Sally Berlin, Nicholas Griffin and Claire Stokes reappointed as members.

Houses of Parliament

House of Lords

  • Baroness Merron (Labour life peer) was introduced on 15 April.
  • Lord Morse (crossbench life peer) was introduced on 15 April.
  • Earl of Oxford and Asquith was non-affiliated, now crossbench.
  • Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead (Labour life peer) retired on 9 April.
  • Lord Ryder of Wensum (Conservative life peer) retired on 12 April.
  • Environment and Climate Change Committee – Baroness Parminter named as chair, Baroness Boycott, Lord Browne of Ladyton, Lord Cameron of Dillington, Baroness Chalker of Wallasey, Lord Colgrain, Lord Lilley, Lord Lucas of Crudwell and Dingwall, Baroness Northover, Bishop of Oxford, Lord Puttnam, Lord Whitty and Baroness Young of Old Scone named as members.
  • European Affairs Committee – Earl of Kinnoull named as chair, Baroness Couttie, Lord Faulkner of Worcester, Lord Foulkes of Cumnock, Lord Hannay of Chiswick, Lord Jay of Ewelme, Baroness Jolly, Lord Lamont of Lerwick, Lord Liddle, Lord Purvis of Tweed, Viscount Trenchard, Lord Tugendhat and Lord Wood of Anfield named as members.
  • Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland Sub-committee – Lord Jay of Ewelme named as chair, Lord Caine, Lord Dodds of Duncairn, Lord Empey, Baroness Goudie, Lord Hain, Lord Hannan of Kingsclere, Baroness O'Loan, Baroness Ritchie of Downpatrick and Lord Thomas of Gresford named as members.
  • Industry and Regulators Committee – Lord Hollick named as chair, Lord Allen of Kensington, Lord Blackwell, Baroness Bowles of Berkhamsted, Lord Burns, Lord Curry of Kirkharle, Baroness Donaghy, Lord Eatwell, Lord Grade of Yarmouth, Baroness Noakes, Lord Reay and Lord Sharkey named as members.
  • Justice and Home Affairs Committee – Baroness Hamwee named as chair, Lord Blunkett, Baroness Chakrabarti, Lord Dholakia, Baroness Hallett, Lord Hunt of Wirral, Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws, Baroness Pidding, Baroness Primarolo, Lord Ricketts, Baroness Sanderson of Welton and Baroness Shackleton of Belgravia named as members.
  • Built Environment Committee – Baroness Neville-Rolfe named as chair, Baroness Bakewell, Lord Berkeley, Lord Best, Lord Carrington of Fulham, Baroness Cohen of Pimlico, Lord Grocott, Lord Haselhurst, Earl of Lytton, Lord Moylan, Lord Stunell and Baroness Thornhill named as members.

Devolved authorities

Northern Ireland Government

  • Edwin Poots resumed his role as minister for agriculture, environment and rural affairs, Gordon Lyons had been covering the role and returned to his junior minister role and Gary Middleton who had been covering the junior minister role returned to the backbenches.


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  • Lexington Health – Ed McRandal promoted to Head of Health and Will Culliford to deputy head of health.
  • Hanover Health – Mark MacDonald and Donna Curran named as associate directors.
  • Cicero – Sameer Gulati named as Director, Fintech Division and Sonia Khan as associate director.

Interest groups

  • Scottish Huntington's Association – Alistair Haw to become chief executive.
  • Scottish Cycling – Nick Rennie appointed as chief executive.
  • NHS Confederation – Matthew Taylor to become chief executive in the summer.

Think tanks

  • Progressive Economy Forum – James Meadway appointed as director.
  • Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce – Andy Haldane to become chief executive in September.

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