Performance Management 2020: Looking to tomorrow

How has performance management changed following the emergence of less hierarchical business structures? 


The workplace has changed significantly in the past decade with five generations in the workforce, flexible working, and access to work systems from various devices while on the move. 

This coincides with the emergence of the so-called “Lean Organisation”: flat, less hierarchical and more functional organisational structures with more and more cross-sectional and integrated roles that are proving to be the best suited to meet the new demands of the global market.

This new environment has caused a re-think on Performance Management as traditional systems based on role and hierarchy are no longer suitable. 

The Performance Development 2020 whitepaper explores how processes are increasingly used to monitor performance in real time, having a positive impact on the development of the employees and on organisational change, and ultimately influencing the success of the business.

Furthermore, the arrival of digital practices in performance management adds a new dimension. The use of cloud applications, mobile devices and social media in the performance process is still in its infancy in many countries, but opportunities are growing, and thought-leaders and organisations are increasingly recognising their potential for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

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