UK secret services to recruit more Russian and Mandarin linguists

UK secret service bodies, MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, will start a recruitment drive for more Russian and Mandarin linguists this month.

By Sarah Aston

04 Nov 2014

According to an article in The Times today, all three bodies will focus on recruiting Russian and Mandarin speakers, reflecting an increase in reports of espionage and cyber-attacks from Russia and China.

According to The Times, the recruitment drive will move the focus away from hiring Arabic, Farsi and Urdu speakers.

A GCHQ spokesperson told CSW: “This month will see the launch of the joint security and intelligence agencies' Mandarin and Russian language analyst campaigns.

“GCHQ periodically recruits speakers of Russian and Mandarin as well as of other languages, such as our recent Persian and Arabic language campaigns.

“Anyone interested in a career in languages can visit our website at for further details.”


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