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Focusing the forces of Fusion

15 October 2019

The government's 'Fusion' plan is about bringing national security capabilities together. Here, PA Consulting examines the likelihood of success

What’s more likely to influence healthcare costs - the needs of patients, or where they live?

1 October 2019

PA Consulting offer insight on their work with the NHS, exploring how allocating funds differently can allow the service to do more with less 

Hampshire County Council: Helping people live independently for longer using consumer technology

17 September 2019

PA Consulting talk about their work with Hampshire County Council to find innovative ways of using digital technology that would transform the lives of people who rely on social care support...

Accelerating cloud transformation through good governance

3 September 2019

Cloud providers are maturing fast, offering an ever-expanding range of products and services. PA Consulting defines an approach for making the most out of a cloud transformation

Looking down the other end of the telescope: Why successful integrated care needs to be unequal

20 August 2019

What if we took a different perspective on those core NHS principles of ‘need’, and designed care around socioeconomic need as well as clinical need? PA Consulting investigates

Chatbots could be the key to delivering personalised student support

13 August 2019

Universities are constantly looking to improve the support and services that underpin their students’ experiences, but PA Consulting know that today’s students see ‘good’ or ‘personalised’ service...

Want to make a strategy stick? Make it part of everyone's everyday

30 July 2019

PA Consulting speak about the work they're doing with the DIO (Defence Infrastructure Organisation), and what they've learned about the important role people play in a transformation strategy...

Organisational agility can help local government deliver change

16 July 2019

Over the past 10 years, our changing society and austerity have pushed UK local authorities to deliver more with less. PA Consulting outlines how organisations can benefit from an agile approach...

Diversity and digital technologies: what can we learn from the next generation?

9 July 2019

PA Consulting on why improving diversity in digital tech is the most important way to ensure that the industry continues to flourish - and how to promote diversity in the sector 

The changing face of UK aid: How to deliver mutual prosperity

2 July 2019

Any Spending Review will require departments to consider the UK Aid Strategy. PA Consulting outlines 4 key lessons to bear in mind when designing aid portfolios

Enhancing the collective response to online child exploitation

25 June 2019

The collective response to protecting children from online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA) needs closer coordination to maximise impact and safeguard children, says PA Consulting

Creating a ‘single front door’ to battle online CSEA

18 June 2019

New research from PA Consulting indicates that the way government, law enforcement, technology companies and third sector organisations collaborate must change

Eight steps universities should follow when procuring and implementing a new IT system

4 June 2019

Many universities face the challenge of procuring and implementing a new student record system, PA Consulting advises on what to look out for during the procurement process