Civil Service Club could be sold off to pay national debt

The Civil Service Club (CSC) could be sold off under Labour to help “pay down the national debt”, Labour announced this week. 

By Sarah.Aston

28 Nov 2014

The CSC, which has served as a social hub for current and former civil servants since 1953, is one of four buildings identified as “non-essential government buildings” by the Labour Party’s ‘Zero-Based Review’.

According to the review, the CSC is estimated to be worth £6.8m.

The other three buildings identified are: Inn The Park, a restaurant estimated to be worth £6.7m; the QE2 conference centre, estimated to be worth over £25m; and Marlborough House, which is currently used by the Commonwealth Secretariat and is estimated to be worth almost £65m.

Shadow chief secretary to the Treasury Chris Leslie (pictured) said: “It is time to consider whether it is necessary for the state to continue owning a restaurant in St James’ Park, a club for the exclusive use of civil servants, or a conference centre.

“Four such buildings in iconic locations in central London could attract interest from buyers around the world.”

A final decision on any sale would be carried out in government, Labour said.

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