Clegg pledges greater support to public sector workers

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg set out new measures to help public sector workers streamline their workload, improve mental wellbeing and share parental leave with partners. 

By Sarah.Aston

22 Oct 2014

Speaking to teachers, social workers, civil service apprentices, fast streamers, local government and NHS staff on 22 October, Clegg outlined new initiatives aimed at supporting public sector staff.

Plans to provide full paternity pay for fathers sharing parental leave were announced. The new Shared Parental Leave scheme will come into force in April 2015.

Clegg said: “To help get the revolution started in the public sector, working with Francis Maude and the Cabinet Office, I’ve been pushing hard for radical reform to the way in which the civil service pays and supports its staff after their children are born.”

Teachers will be given the opportunity to discuss the causes of administrative tasks and rising workloads and contribute suggestions around what the government should do about it through the Workload Challenge.

Open to contributions until 21, November 2014, the initiative aims to support teachers suffering from a rising workload.

A new pilot programme in collaboration with the charity Mind has also been announced for emergency workers.

Following the release of figures that showed over half of all long-term sickness leave is due to stress, depression and anxiety across private and public sectors, the pilot will offer workers practical techniques, advice and support to help reduce ‘burnout’. 


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