DHSC names track and test programme chair, plus more civil service moves

New appointments in the civil service, UK politics, and public affairs, via our colleagues at Dods People


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Government departments

  • Cabinet Office: Lord Hogan-Howe, Baroness Finn, Henry de Zoete and Gisela Stuart appointed as non-executive board members.
  • Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy: UK Research and Innovation - Ottoline Leyser to become chief executive from 29 June.
  • Department of Health and Social Care: Baroness Harding appointed as chair of the new Covid-19 test and trace programme.
  • Home Office: Independent Family Returns Panel - Helen Chamberlain named as chair on an interim basis, replacing Paul Greenhalgh.

Non-Ministerial Departments

  • Competition and Markets Authority: Jo Armstrong, Margot Daly, Ashleye Gunn, Jennie Holloway, Frances McLeman, Cyrus Mehta, Kenneth Parker, Stephen Rose and Crispin Wright appointed as members of the panel.


Devolved authorities

  • Scottish Government: Malcolm Wright stood down as chief executive of NHS Scotland and director general of health and social care. John Connaghan named as the interim chief executive of NHS Scotland, and Elinor Mitchell as interim director general of health and social care, both until the end of August.
  • Northern Ireland Government: Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service - Bonnie Anley, Hilary Singleton and Lindsey Smith appointed as non-executive lay members, Jim Quinn as a non-executive trade union member and Jonathan Craig and Thomas O'Hanlon as non-executive district council members.
  • Greater London Assembly: Navin Shah elected as the Chair of the Assembly and Tony Arbour re-elected as deputy chair; Audit Panel - Susan Hall named as Chair and Len Duvall as deputy chair; Budget and Performance Committee - Susan Hall named as Chair and Len Duvall as deputy chair; Confirmation Hearings Committee - Andrew Boff named as chair; Economy Committee - Léonie Cooper named as Chair and Shaun Bailey as deputy chair; Environment Committee - Caroline Russell named as chair and Léonie Cooper as deputy chair; Fire, Resilience and Emergency Planning Committee - Andrew Dismore named as chair and Susan Hall as deputy chair; GLA Oversight Committee - Len Duvall named as chair and Susan Hall as deputy chair; Health Committee - Onkar Sahota named as chair and Andrew Boff as deputy chair; Housing Committee - Murad Qureshi named as chair and Andrew Boff as deputy chair; Planning and Regeneration Committee - Andrew Boff named as chair and Nicky Gavron as deputy chair; Police and Crime Committee - Unmesh Desai named as chair and Steve O’Connell as deputy chair; Transport Committee - Alison Moore named as chair and Caroline Pidgeon as deputy chair.


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Interest Groups

  • Stonewall: Nancy Kelley to become chief executive in June.


  • Royal Mail: Rico Back stood down as chief executive, and Keith Williams to take over as executive chair.
  • Moneysupermarket: Peter Duffy to become chief executive in September, replacing Mark Lewis.

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