Kelly: Whitehall to sell services

The government is looking to establish joint ventures so that some of its intellectual property businesses can enter international markets, Stephen Kelly, government’s new chief operating officer, has told CSW.

By Joshua.Chambers

19 Nov 2012

“There are great intellectual property businesses where government’s built up a track record,” Kelly said, adding that “some of these businesses are very, very successful in the public sector and could stand tall in the private sector as well.”

He highlighted government’s project management standards and methodologies. “We’ve got world class project management used by many governments around the world. That intellectual property is owned by the British government, and it’s something we’re very proud of.”

He added: “It’s something that makes millions of pounds of revenue already to the British government, and that’s a business where you look at it and think: ‘That’s absolutely fabulous’, and it could be elevated on a global platform if it was provided on a structure where people were incentivised to do that.”

Last Friday, the government launched a tender to find a joint venture partner for the development of its ‘Best Management Practice’ portfolio: the new business will sell the government’s project management standards to customers overseas.

“We are looking to the private sector for the expertise and investment needed to secure the portfolio’s future in a competitive market. A joint venture partnership will ensure the portfolio is placed on a strong, financially secure platform and strengthen quality,” a Cabinet Office statement said.

Kelly also said that there will be a Cabinet Office announcement on shared HR and financial services “in the next few weeks”.

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