Latest civil service People Survey opens

Civil servants urged to give honest feedback on their working lives

By matt.foster

05 Oct 2015

Civil servants will get the opportunity to have a say on their jobs today, as the annual People Survey opens for feedback.

The People Survey is a Whitehall-wide exercise used to give civil service leaders comparable data on performance and morale.

One of the key indicators to watch out for when the results are published will be the civil service-wide employee engagement index, which provides a snapshot of overall staff morale. Last year, the benchmark employee engagement index recorded a slight uptick on 2013's levels, reaching 59% – its highest score since 2009. 

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However, satisfaction with civil service pay and benefits continued to fall, with the median score of all participating departments and agencies coming in at 28%. That was down from 29% the year before, and from 37% in 2009 – the year before the Treasury ordered a two-year freeze in public sector pay.

Announcing the latest survey, cabinet secretary Jeremy Heywood ​said the survey would give officials the chance to give an honest take on "how reforms are implemented" as well as allowing them to "highlight concerns...about the impact of change".

He added: "As the civil service continues to improve the way it works, it is important that we also take the time to listen to your views about what is working well and where things can be better.

"The 2014 People Survey reflected a civil service that is an exciting place to work and where morale has held up under great pressure, underpinned by our undiminished commitment to public service.

"So, I would encourage you to have your say in the 2015 survey. It won’t take longer than 20 minutes. Check your local intranet or ask your manager for details on how to take part. We will look closely, as always, at the results and act on what you say about how we are doing and where you think we must improve."

The response rate for last year's People Survey stood at 60%, with 274,080 officials taking part.

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