London think tank calls for a power transfer from Whitehall to City Hall on London issues

The think tank The Centre for London has called for greater fiscal power and power over services to be transferred from Whitehall to City Hall.

By Sarah.Aston

28 Oct 2014

In its latest publication The Brightest Star: A Manifesto For London, published Monday 27 October, the Centre for London argued for greater powers to be devolved to London government and citizens.

Calling for greater fiscal autonomy, the manifesto argued: “A city that laid on the 2012 Olympics is more than equal to designing an effective property tax regime.”

Moving beyond London’s tax-raising powers, the think tank argue that the city should be given greater autonomy over regulation and services too.

The Manifesto said: “London should be given fair greater powers to design and run services in areas like childcare, education, skills and employment, affordable housing, health and social care and criminal justice.”

According to the think tank, Westminster and Whitehall should focus on “running macro-economic policy, establishing and maintaining a strategic system of national infrastructure, and national frameworks of welfare entitlements and public services” whilst City Hall should be responsible “tailored-made policies” for London. 

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