MPs: UK's defence strategy 'no longer adequate'

Report by MPs on the Defence Committee says UK must be prepared to deal with both 'unconventional and conventional threats'

By Josh May

24 Mar 2015

Britain’s defence strategy is “no longer adequate” in the face of growing tensions with Russia, the Defence Committee has warned as it urged the next government to meet the Nato 2% defence spending target.

The MPs said the UK needed to be prepared for the potential deployment of troops or resources in several different places at once – something, they said, that was not accounted for in the 2010 defence review.

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“There is a requirement to support stability in a dozen different theatres simultaneously, and to engage with both unconventional and conventional threats,” the report warned.

The committee also said it would be “extremely damaging” for the UK’s credibility if it stopped spending 2% of GDP on defence.


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