Serious and organised crime now classified as tier two threat

Phil Gormley, deputy director-general of the National Crime Agency (NCA), outlined the key crimes the UK recognise as falling under the tier two threat of ‘serious and organised crime’. 

Ruth McKernan, Chief Executive Innovate UK Photo PA

By Sarah.Aston

23 Oct 2014

Now classified as a tier two threat, serious and organised crime “presents a significant amount of risk that needs to be mitigated,” said Gormley at Westminster Briefing’s National Security Summit on Tuesday, 21 October.

Gormley went on to say that although most people associate serious and organised crime as mainly drug related crimes, there are a considerable number of other types of crime that should be considered under the umbrella of serious and organised crime.

The NCA state that the following crimes are considered to be a part of the threat of serious and organised crime:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Cybercrime
  • Trafficking and supply of firearms
  • Fraud
  • Money-Laundering

Gormley said: “Now we are beginning to understand the threat better, with an aspiration to hold a single version of the truth, we must consider, prioritise, coordinate and support a response to the risk that serious and organised crime poses to the UKs national security interests.”

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